Monday, September 20, 2010

Sometimes !

Sometimes we try a lot to get the work done but it never gets done.Sometimes because of our fault and sometimes because of others fault.Things are never so easy as we think.It might happen with each one of us that we face difficulty in getting some work done especially when it is required but sometimes when it is not so required it happens as very smoothly.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Again in PPP !

arithmetic just drops out of trees by writing this sentence in my new post My blog will again be approved in PPP.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Search for Peace !!

Peace is concerned about your physical n mental comfort.Where you can find peace;In home,disk,pub,boos,coffee-shops,office...Where ??
I think nature is itself an answer to this question.When you feel tensed,tired & puzzled you need something that can sooth you like anything.It may be a cup of hot Coffee,a healthy Sleep,Bath,Music,A Sweet smile of your Child\Wife\Friend etc.
The best thing to sooth your mind apart from these things is 'Nature'.We are living in this beautiful Nature that has solution to all the natural problems.This nature has given us beautiful flowers,trees,seas,rivers etc with colorful Birds n animals.When you go for picnics or visit some places which can show a true picture of Nature there you will always recognize & feel this beauty of Nature.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SocialSpark is ALive!

SocialSpark you might have heard this name before.It's a blogging site that makes advertisers n bloggers to meet together at the same place for blogging.
What sparks in your mind when you listen to this name 'SocialSpark'?
Are you aware of this spark ?
Spark which can set on fire in your mind by using your mind fuel.
Spark which can make you run n earn.
This spark has already made me to run n earn by blogging.If you want to participate in this winning 'Game' then just log on to SocialSpark"
n give it a start.A spark which can change your Life. Which can make you earn thousands of dollars overnights.Social spark has given me a chance to write about someone who and who's profile are good enough in SocialSpark.So here is the name of that blogger; She is ''.
I chose her blog profile to review because she has been doing a great job since the day she started blogging with SocialSpark (Payperpost,Izea).You can get to know more about Children n their childhood,the relation between mother n child,the ways to make your Life more n more cheerful n pleasant by paying a wonderful visit on her site.Couples who are planning to have a baby can get concrete information about babies n their behavior.
This is S*p*o*n*s*o*r*e*d post.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My dedication to 'MY LOVE'

This song is dedicated to someone whom i love a lot. This is my own way to keep that person in my mind always with sweet nostalgia.I can never ever forget that person in my Life.If i wish to forget that person even though i can not forget.So now i have given a small place to that person onto my blog in order to be so attached with that person .That person will always be in my blog through-out this beautiful song.
The meaning of this Song is :-
My Life,Love,breath,Emotions,Smile,Happiness etc;My everything is your's.Nothing is mine except Your Sorrow.I wish God lets me to bear it for ever n ever.

My favorite Song !!!

I am fond of this song.This one is my all time favorite song.I just love to listen to this song.
A question that is hidden in this song that is just amazing.The way this song explains the meaning; Oh my God quite 'Fantastic n Realistic'.
Here is the meaning for those who don't understand the meaning of this song:-
There is a dividing Line among all countries for us people that is called 'Border'.One can not cross this 'Border' without permission but at the same time birds n wind can cross this Border.They don't need any body's permission to cross or to Fly from one country to another n another to another.
So the question in the song is What did we get to take birth as a human being ?
Birds n wind are much better then human beings because they don't need permission & have any concern with the relationship among countries.They just fly n enjoy the beauty of earth.
I wish if i would be a bird.

Next to Impossible !!

This is something that is next to impossible.In this video a person named 'Criss Angel' is walking & lying on broken glasses.This is not just all.This person is also letting a Road roller to drive upon him while lying on broken glasses.He is able to bear the pressure & weight of Road roller.Can anyone beleive this that after doing this practice that person is alive ??
But that person is still alive after performing this dangerous act.Strange but it's true.The standing crowd is evidence of this ever performed miracle.
(A warning plz don't Imitate this.)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Can an indian singer sing Like american one ?

So my dear friends !
This is not less then a miracle that an Indian singer is singing like American One.
Just try it.Click on play button and start Listening to this song that's been sung by an Indian Singer "Abhijeet Swant" and close your eyes.I am damn sure that you would not get any clue/hint that this singer is American one or An Indian one.It seems that this person put his best efforts to sing this song in it's original rhythm.The flow of song is not breaking anywhere.Indians are too good.This is the best example of this.Indians have the courage n enthusiasm to make the things possible.
In this video there are two songs one is in 'English' and second one is in 'Hindi'.Abhijeet maintained the magical balance between both of them.It's amazing,too good,fantastic,unexpected but all it's true.

Monday, June 9, 2008

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Is review me working for you or not??
I am visiting reviewme daily but i could not find any task to do.Whenever i contact them and talk about this they say you do not have enough traffic or page rank on your blog so please wait until your page rank comes up.I do not think so that page rank is a matter for them.I think right now the only thing that matters to them is Less opps in their market place and less opps means that less business in blogging world.So that's why they are not able to let the blogger to grab opps.