Friday, April 11, 2008

Learn & explore....

I am here with a cogitation.That cogitation is learn & explore.
First of all i would like to tell you about a phenomenon.That is we all know learning is indispensable but we always protest ourself being busy.If there will be something to do you will learn out of it otherwise how would you learn if there is nothing to do....If you will only concern about the prefixed work profile & not interest in doing something new how will you learn..
A lot of things are there to do/learn.The only need is to start.

Nobody learns in the womb !One has to experience the work.
The more experience the more knowledge & the more knowledge the more learning's.
That is all about learning.
Now it comes to exploring it.
To explore the knowledge you must have to share it because exploring happens through sharing the knowledge.So we should not only learn but also explore it.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post!
You are doing good job, just continue.


KEITH said...

a bit difficult title to understand... but what a post . easy to understand and a fact of life... a small but helpful knowledge.... a way to succeed in life...
Thanks anup for a wonderful and generating post..
thanks again!!