Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meaning of Life !!!!!!!!!!

Life is what ?
Just doing what we do daily.Does this mean Life ?
I am searching the meaning of Life.Life is full of new experiences.Some of them are good enough but some of them always make us cry and feel us bad.Most of the time that thing happens with us that we never think n imagine of.Even you people can not deny this fact.I can say it with 100% confidence.The reason being is i am a part of this world.Where everyone has it's own story of Life.Sometime Life brings ample amount of happiness to us but not always.This is something that happens once in a blue moon.It's not only me who is having this kind of experience of Life but you have it too.
Sometime you get your work done without being bothered but sometime it might take your nights.It might make you puzzled.Someday you want to go to office & work.
Why sometime..Why not always ..........
Sometime you your self find quite comfortable playing with danger but not always....
Again why not always !!!
Take time !
Find it !
What's the answer ?????
Why sometime we feel that we can do any thing & everything.Why sometime we feel energetic,enthusiastic.Why sometime!!Why not everyday!!
Sometime we need to listen to music in order to distress ourselves but sometime our family,friends or nature work like music for us.
Sometime this society makes us run away but sometime this society welcomes us.
Sometime we like to spent our nights in pubs,boos n Disk dancing with friends but again not always all the time.
Why some day/time !! why not always !!!!!!
Sometime we talk soft but sometime we talk rough !!!
Sometime we laugh but sometime we cry!!
Sometime time we cry but sometime we make others cry !!
Sometime we hug but sometime we kick.
This sometime always follows us.
This sometime teaches us a lot.
This sometime is a mixture of Good n bad things.
This sometime is our Life.


NoExpertsNeeded said...

Wonderful post. Your words beautifully describe Change...it happens with every second that passes. I'm just learning how to enjoy and embrace this moment ...before it changes.

I'd like to share my story of how
change set me upon a wonderful path. As my simple way of giving
back, I'm offering my book as a
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Request a copy from my web site.

Thank you for a wonderful post!

take care,
Louise Lewis, Author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Yea this is the good one Anup. The meaning of life is according to ourselves, it's how we take it and how we react. But, lifes must goes on... have a wonderful lifes ahead *wink*

Myrna said...

hi Ahup I'm here now to give you some comments lol! Well for me everything that you say in your post is that what we called "LIFE" while you have life every trials will arounds you. And that what GOD's gaves us in order to be strong, have faith to him and Love him unconditionally.!

Medgirl said...

Hi Anup! Great question.. I am currently reading book called "A purpose driven life"..One of the things that pops in my head the most is "..if your LIFE doesn't have a purpose, then it may as well be a boat without a rudder.."
Life has to have purpose..otherwise it's meaningless and we're just existing instead of LIVING!
Great post!