Monday, June 16, 2008

My dedication to 'MY LOVE'

This song is dedicated to someone whom i love a lot. This is my own way to keep that person in my mind always with sweet nostalgia.I can never ever forget that person in my Life.If i wish to forget that person even though i can not forget.So now i have given a small place to that person onto my blog in order to be so attached with that person .That person will always be in my blog through-out this beautiful song.
The meaning of this Song is :-
My Life,Love,breath,Emotions,Smile,Happiness etc;My everything is your's.Nothing is mine except Your Sorrow.I wish God lets me to bear it for ever n ever.


NoExpertsNeeded said...

I've made your 'meaning of this song' very personal to my life. Yesterday was Father's Day and my heart hurt. It's been 13 yrs. since my Dad passed yet some days the pain and sorrow are so close.

When I read your meaning of the song, I imagine my Dad saying these words to it is his way of helping me through the sorrow of his absence. The words help to remind me of my good memories as well.

Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Now i can say gyes love is
G od.........because of you

Anonymous said...


Bhaanu said...

These words breath the poison of life in my cadaver, this masochism is sweet is addictive and and keeps the heart singing in rhythmic crusts and troughs of surging settling pain. I wish she is happy, I did so she would stay happy. To stay together was no condition, a ever present smile on her lips even if it takes more than it took.

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