Monday, June 16, 2008

My favorite Song !!!

I am fond of this song.This one is my all time favorite song.I just love to listen to this song.
A question that is hidden in this song that is just amazing.The way this song explains the meaning; Oh my God quite 'Fantastic n Realistic'.
Here is the meaning for those who don't understand the meaning of this song:-
There is a dividing Line among all countries for us people that is called 'Border'.One can not cross this 'Border' without permission but at the same time birds n wind can cross this Border.They don't need any body's permission to cross or to Fly from one country to another n another to another.
So the question in the song is What did we get to take birth as a human being ?
Birds n wind are much better then human beings because they don't need permission & have any concern with the relationship among countries.They just fly n enjoy the beauty of earth.
I wish if i would be a bird.

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