Friday, June 13, 2008

Can an indian singer sing Like american one ?

So my dear friends !
This is not less then a miracle that an Indian singer is singing like American One.
Just try it.Click on play button and start Listening to this song that's been sung by an Indian Singer "Abhijeet Swant" and close your eyes.I am damn sure that you would not get any clue/hint that this singer is American one or An Indian one.It seems that this person put his best efforts to sing this song in it's original rhythm.The flow of song is not breaking anywhere.Indians are too good.This is the best example of this.Indians have the courage n enthusiasm to make the things possible.
In this video there are two songs one is in 'English' and second one is in 'Hindi'.Abhijeet maintained the magical balance between both of them.It's amazing,too good,fantastic,unexpected but all it's true.

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Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Why not? Indian can sing English song very well tho' *wink*