Friday, June 27, 2008

Search for Peace !!

Peace is concerned about your physical n mental comfort.Where you can find peace;In home,disk,pub,boos,coffee-shops,office...Where ??
I think nature is itself an answer to this question.When you feel tensed,tired & puzzled you need something that can sooth you like anything.It may be a cup of hot Coffee,a healthy Sleep,Bath,Music,A Sweet smile of your Child\Wife\Friend etc.
The best thing to sooth your mind apart from these things is 'Nature'.We are living in this beautiful Nature that has solution to all the natural problems.This nature has given us beautiful flowers,trees,seas,rivers etc with colorful Birds n animals.When you go for picnics or visit some places which can show a true picture of Nature there you will always recognize & feel this beauty of Nature.


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